Preparatory Programs

Over fifty years ago Dr. Montessori realized that working with children older than three was too late to have the most beneficial effect on the life of a human. The Pre-Primary program brings the world to the child in a classroom that offers the young child a curriculum designed to meet their individual needs.  A sparse environment of carefully chosen materials calls the child to work, concentration, and joy. A crowded or chaotic environment can cause stress and can dissipate a child’s energy. Before the age of six, a child learns from direct contact with the environment by means of all the senses, and through movement; the child literally absorbs what is in the environment.

The areas in the classroom include practical life, sensorial, language, math and art.

  • The Practical Life lessons encourage independence wherein the child learns how to take care of himself and his environment; he develops concentration, attention to detail, coordination, and fine motor skills. Practical life encompasses four main areas: Control of Movement, Care of Self, Care of Environment, and Grace and Courtesy.
  • The Sensorial activities engage the child in activities that encourage him to use all of his senses where he is able to recognize color, shape, size, weight, texture, smell, etc.
  • In Language lessons, he is exposed to beginning language – introduction to the sounds, formation of letters, identification of beginning sounds and word.
  • In Math activities, the child will be able to recognize symbols, sequence and match the symbols to quantities.
  • Art activities provide opportunities for painting, cutting, and making their own patterns and designs.
  • Opportunities for the child to develop gross motor skills using a variety of materials, as well as activities that enhance balance and coordination are also available 

At the end of your visit to the Primary Preparatory classroom, you will have found children working on a variety of activities, from practical life to language, science to geography, all the while moving around the environment with a sense of confidence and comfort. Freely able to choose activities appropriate for their current need, the children approach increasingly challenging activities with deep self-assurance. Just as Dr. Maria Montessori did over 100 years ago, the Montessori teacher provides a carefully prepared environment designed with the development of the child at the forefront. And Generations of children have benefited from what Dr. Montessori knew all those years ago, “Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.”